Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Janktown Madness Article #1

Janktown Madness
Article #1

The Brides of Dracula
Written by: Robert Robinson

Hello everyone and welcome to our first Janktown Madness article! Today we will be looking at a fun brew that should take quite a few of your opponents by surprise. The deck is called “The Brides of Dracula” for rather nefarious reasons that I shall leave up to your wild imaginations.

Earlier this evening I started browsing through my collection looking for rulers that would be fun to build around yet still decently competitive. I decided to build this deck because of Dracula’s absurdly powerful ability to steal your opponent’s resonators if he can kill them. The deck list is below, and after that I will delve into more detail about why I chose each of the cards.

Alucard, the Dark Noble / Dracula, the Demonic One

Stone Deck
4 x Ruler’s Memoria
3 x Magic Stone of Moon Shade
3 x Magic Stone of Black Silence

Main Deck
4 x Gleipnir, the Red Binding of Fate
3 x Excalibur, the God’s Sword
4 x Laevateinn, the Demon Sword
2 x Soulhunt
2 x Rapid Decay
4 x The Beast Queen’s Counterattack
4 x Dual of Truth
4 x The Scorn of Dark Alice
2 x Stoning to Death
3 x Vampire Bat
4 x Servant of Vampire
4 x Lora, the Blood Speaker

Side Board
*Still a work in progress.*

One of the first things most people notice is just how greedy the stone deck is. The question of “What do you do about Splits…” has been the most asked question so far, and the answer is simple: I like to run this deck off of two stones. The Ruler’s Memoria are fantastic, and I think the 3/3 split of the other two stones is the proper way to go.

For efficiency, and to allow the deck to run off of two stones, I chose cheap cards that synergize well with both sides of our ruler. Alucard requires you to control a vampire and have one of your opponent’s creatures enter the graveyard in the same turn so that you can J-Activate him. Cheap vampires such as Servant of Vampire and Lora, the Blood Speaker, and kill spells such as Soulhunt and Rapid Decay, allow us to consistently be able to J-Activate by turn 3. Spells that let Dracula fight once he has been J-Activated, such as Dual of Truth and Beast Queen’s Counterattack, allow us to kill just about any resonator that our opponent can throw at us in the early game. Stoning to death and the Scorn of Dark Alice are fantastic spells that fill out the deck’s rather extensive removal suite.

Having so many regalia ensures that we should always draw one in our opening hand, and the possibility of multiples of the same regalia allows even more shenanigans such as will ramping and extra card draw.

  • ·         Laevateinn is my favorite regalia in the deck because of just how much work it can put in with Dracula. Giving swiftness while pumping our damage output is fantastic, and being able to banish any resonators that we are able to steal is a great bonus. This is especially useful against Reflect players that may try to bounce their creatures back to hand once we have taken them.

  • ·         Excalibur gives Dracula target attack while also buffing him. I think three is the proper number here.

  • ·         Gleipnir is an amazing card that I have been vastly underestimating. Card advantage is never a bad thing, and being able to ensure a blocker gives us even more control of the board.

The side board is still a work in progress. I’m thinking of adding Holy Grail in the side to deal with additions that may give us grief, while also allowing us to fight and not worry about the damage as much. I’ll also probably add in Vlad, but other than that I have no idea what I want to put in there yet. Let me know in the comments what you guys and gals think should go in there.

Well that’s it for now ladies and gents. I hope you enjoyed our first Janktown Madness article. Thank you for taking the time to read along with us. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please leave them in the comment section. Until next time folks, always know where your towel is.

Robert Robinson

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